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Most Punters have had years of betting on only one horse but let's get down to brass tacks here. The fact is that professional backers see nothing wrong in betting on two or more horses in one race. This method is known as 'Dutching' which probably comes from the phrase 'Going Dutch' which means that two or more people pay equal shares of a bill, usually dinner.

We have been betting on two horses in a race for some time which you can see from our results page. We have heard the moan that we are betting odds on most of the time but this is relative to the size of your stake and I bet to win 170.00 a day and with a strike rate of 80% plus I see a result on most days. I started small and built the bank up slowly and that is the best way to go if you don't want to put too much money at risk to start off. There is no limit to the size of your stakes and with such a high strike rate, I place 10% of my bank on each horse, but if you are nervous about that then you can feel really secure if you place 5% on each horse.

We can only maintain this strike rate by betting in carefully selected races and that is the secret but we will tell you which races to bet on and which to avoid.

All betting on the horses must be long term and if you are really serious about making a living from betting then you need to set up a bank from which to bet. For many years we have placed 20% on the Dutching Bets spread across two horses and on our Top Bets which are win singles we place 10% of the bank. Both the Dutching Bets and the Top Bets have made a good annual profit for the last three years. We have never broken the bank and not many services can say that.

Let's look at a typical Dutching Bet.

We tell you to bet on two horses in a race. One of them is 2/1 and the other 5/2.

If the 2/1 bet wins then you have made 2 points less the loser = 1 point gain.

If the 5/2 bet wins then you have made 2.5 points less the loser = 1.5 points gain.

All your life you have been told never to bet at odds on which is the Dutching result but with an 80% strike rate, this is the safest way to go. If you normally bet 10% of your bank on win singles then by betting 10% on each of two horses you are still maintaining a maximum strike rate of 50% with each bet treated as a win single. We recommend that you start with 5% of your bank on each horse and slowly build up your bank.



Did you know..

that you can turn a 500.00 bank into 10962.00 in six months at level stakes? This may sound remarkable, but we are doing it all the time!

And, you can start smaller if you prefer and then build it up. This service is operated by a keen professional backer and a well respected Senior Handicapper.

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